Громадський діяч Марина Бурмака

Thank You for visiting on my site.


 I’m a political scientist, sociologist, public figure.

I’m a Co-founder and President of Ukrainian Centre of Social Development.

I have been involved in Ukrainian politicum since 2003.


I started my career in the public sphere in the biggest Ukrainian regional community. I am fond of Poltava's diaspora in Kiev and others countries.


How big is our organization?

We have 7 branches in different countries, more than 5 000 members.

By the way, there are 200 000 Kyiv citizans, who were born in Poltava region.

I have been in charge of this international organisation for the last twelve years. I'm very proud of been able to develop it to the largest one.


I am a first scientist in Ukraine, who implemented term “regional community” to Ukrainian sociology and political science and began to explore them impact on the civil society and political culture.

I have PhD in Sociology and PhD in Political Science.


In my professional portfolio I have huge experience of cooperation with the most powerful political parties. I carried out a local election campaign for them. As for me, almost of them were successfully. 

But let me not advertase them here ).


I worked with the first, second and third Ukrainian Presidents on socially important projects.

I'm still the Executive Director of the Civil Forum of Kiev, which is headed by our first President - Mr. Kravchuk.


I was elected as the Head of the Public Council of Kiev (Civil Mayor) and held this position for two years.

In few words I can describe its function as public control over the city authorities activity.



Now, from my point of view, the main problem of Ukrainian politics - is a very low level of our deputies. What do I mean?

A lot of people, who become deputies, can't offer up to date decisions of ongoing challenges in development of modern society. 


So our organisation - Ukrainian Centre of Social Development - focuses attention on preparing new generation politicians.

We support valid dialogue between Government and civil society, and participation of our citizens in decision-making.


My partners – Ukrainian local councils, political parties, NGO - and me – search good partnership with other countries, which have successful experience of reforms in the Government's system and the growth of quality of citizens life.

We are interested in short-term anti-corruption’s training programs for the deputies and society activists. Also their internship in the state's institutions .


I am open to dialogue. You can contact me via the page "Contacts" or send to my page in Facebook or e-mail: ucsdburmaka@gmail.com


Sincerely, with respect,